Our fields of research are:

  • Tumourigenesis of oral cancer – molecular markers
  • Epithelial-mesnecymal interactions and the role of tumour stroma in oral cancers
  • Cancer stem cells in oral squamous cell carcinomas
  • Gene expression profile in oral cancers of various ethiology
  • Biological effects of Catha Edulis
  • Biological effects of Toombak

Research projects






Epithelial mesenchymal interactions in normal and neoplastic human oral mucosa

Daniela Elena Costea

Epithelial-mesnchymal tranzition in oral cancer and the role of cancer-associated fibroblasts in this phenomenon

Amani Osman

Cancer Stem cells and hypoxia

Luke Gammon, collab. prof. Ian Mackenzie

Stem Cell Maintenance and Differentiation in Normal and Neoplastic Human Oral Mucosa

Xiao Liang, collab. reseracher Jian Wang, assoc. prof. Per √ėyvind Enger

Gene expression signature of pro-invasive tumour stroma in human oral carcinomas

Daniela Elena Costea, collab. prof. Max Partridge

The role of normal oral keratinocytes on clonal growth and expansion of neoplastic oral keratinocytes

Daniela Elena Costea

The role of S100 proteins in oral cancer progression

Dipak Sapkota, Salah Ibrahim

The role of alpha 11 intergin in oral carcinogenesis

Himalaya Parajuli, Donald Gulberg

Oral mucosal lesions: a cross-sectional study in Sudan.

Nada Suliman

Optimization of scaffolds for oral bone regeneration

Salwa Suliman